Productivity Tools on PC (6)

I have used Dropbox for a few years and cannot live without it now. Dropbox is simple as it (and free on all platforms) and you could just use it directly after installation without any tweak. Here I will introduce how I use it and integrate it with other productivity tools.

Here is the overall structure of my Dropbox directory.

├── ConfigFiles
├── DokuWikiStick
├── MobileOrg
├── org
├── Personal
├── Photos
├── Public
└── Workspace
  1. ConfigFiles: All dotfiles are stored here like AHK, Emacs as well as TotalCommander(wincmd.ini) configuration files, etc.

  2. DokuWikiStick: The biggest motive for me to use Dropbox is trying to store DokuWikiStick on cloud. Thus I could simply sync all my wiki entries on windows PC in company, at home and even on my mobile phone and tablet. Since DokuWiki stores posts as text files without real database. So even Apache cannot be running on mobile phone or tablet, I could still check my personal wiki on mobile devices which is really amazing!

  3. MobileOrg & org: The latter is used to store all my org-mode files which will be introduced later in Emacs chapter. While the former is the folder for Mobile Org. But due to the poor quality of Mobile Org apps on Android, MobileOrg is not in use and almost dumped for now.

  4. Personal & Public & Photos: As their names indicate, all my personal stuffs are stored here. By the way, it’s quite interesting to explore the collaborative features of Dropbox. For instance, my family share the same spreadsheet to manage our personal finance. Yes we are not using those fancy financial management apps on mobile devices. Because we want to customize various statistics by our own (yes control freak :-)) and secure the data in relatively safe mode.

  5. Workspace: This folder is mainly used for work and my self-learning materials. I totally dropped my desktop as inbox (aha, critical definition in GTD) but instead initiated a sub-folder in Workspace (this sub-folder is fixed and defaultly opened in TotalCommander). With this folder, all my documentations could be synchronized between home and office. Thus I could continue to read the unfinished docs at home seamlessly without bringing the heavy laptop back and forth.

Thanks to the speedy internet and wireless network, modern mobile devices, cloud tech, and all of those wonderful software and apps etc, our life becomes easier and more convenient. I am so glad to be one of participants as well as one of contributors as a wireless engineer.