Migrating from Octopress to Jekyll

Just remind you, this site has been migrated from Octopress to Jekyll. The theme was cloned from Lanyon and I tweaked it a bit.

Honestly, Octopress is so far so good as a blog framework. It’s simple and static. And it supports markdown syntax naturally without needing any dedicated webhost, since it could be hosted on GitHub. However, the biggest problem to me is, the whole site needs to be deloyed locally whenever I am going to post new article, which means I can hardly publish posts conveniently on the other computer except my home PC.

After searching around, I found Jekyll, as the basic framework of Octopress, could be easily depoyed on GitHub as well(so it’s extremely easy for migration). Thus it’s also simple and static. Even better than Octopress in terms of simplicity.

For instance, there is only one master branch for Jekyll and the structure of folders is simple as below:

├── 404.html
├── about.md
├── archive.html
├── atom.xml
├── _config.yml
├── _includes
├── index.html
├── _layouts
├── LICENSE.md
├── _posts
├── public
└── README.md

Though Jekyll on GitHub is unable to support plugins due to security risks. Fortunately, I just need a very simple blog site and am not eager for those fancy features introduced by various plugins.

Besides, I could write and publish posts almost anywhere via:

And then GitHub will take care of the rest:smile:.