2014H1 Summary

Every weekend, I would spend less than half an hour to summarize my personal and work issues during the past week according to my Emacs Org-mode records. And every month, I will collect all the weekly summaries to check monthly status as well as look forward to the future. Yes. I admit that I am kind of boring with regular habits. So here comes my 2014 first half year book.


  • Only learned a bit of LTE which was interrupted later by heavy workload;
  • Tried to self learn Android development and Java. Suspended right now;
  • Finished below six books while several unlisted are still ongoing:
    • Joel on Software by Joel Spolsky;
    • On top of tides 《浪潮之巅》 by Wu Jun 吴军 ;
    • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R.Covey;
    • Blossoms《繁花》 by Jin Yucheng 金宇澄;
    • Lo Shu Square & Ho Tu《洛书河图》 by A Cheng 阿城;
    • The Monk 《道士下山》 by Xu Haofen 徐皓峰 1;


  • From January to Mid May, major effort was spend on new feature Enhanced CELL_FACH, including:
    • Enhanced CELL_FACH feature learning;
    • Enhanced CELL_FACH feature basic testing;
    • Enhanced CELL_FACH feature workshop;
  • From Mid May to present, mainly focus on:
    • Testing efficiency investigation and improvement in new team;
    • New features testing plan for a brand new product in our company;


  • Major change is job rotation. Internally transferred to another team for a new product;
  • In March, caught some ailment and fortunately not serious;
  • Helped my sister to build her personal website Xinyue;
  • Two domestic trips:
    • Xi’an in April;
    • Beijing business trip in May;
  • Formed two habits:
    • Get up early in the morning(6:00-6:30 AM);
    • Write blog post weekly no matter how busy I am (hasn’t formed yet :sob:);


  • Learning: neither learned much new knowledge nor read enough books;
  • Work: Enhanced CELL_FACH is a complicated feature. I was really glad to take this challenge. From learning, to testing, then training, I have learned a lot;
  • Work: After transferred to new team, the tasks and workload were suddenly increased. Super busy;
  • Personal: tried to step out of the comfort zone and got some outside opportunities. But finally decided to stay (many thanks to my former and current managers);


  • Need to focus on limited things for self-learning;
  • Work efficiency needs to be improved further because too many things have to learn for this new product. Need more focus and concentration;
  • Excersice should be on my list next half year;
  • Make better use of fragmentary time;
  • Plan my life according to the long term and short term target;

  1. Chen Kaige is directing a new film based on this novel.