HS-SCCH Number Configuration

I have met a nasty bug regarding HS-SCCH number during testing Dual Cell HSDPA (DC-HSDPA), which took weeks to debug on both Node B and testing equipment side.

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Fix Archlinux

If you are an Archlinux user, you might have noticed the latest news - Binaries move to /usr/bin requiring update intervention. The same problem was encountered on my laptop during update:

error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)
filesystem: /bin exists in filesystem

Following the instruction, I just uninstalled Grub and some other programs. But accidentally hit POWER OFF button right after. No surprise I cannot login to Archlinux after reboot. Here is the procedure how I fixed it.

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Scrum Practice II

Backlog should be sorted out and orgnaized after sprint planning. And the testers could start taking the tasks afterwards.

Stand-up meeting will be held daily to check the progress and obstacles. Still, if we don’t pay close attention, it will become a mere formality without any useful output. More dangerously, scrum master would assume it’s all under control by hosting such daily meeting. But actually it’s not.

We take the following actions to monitor the project more actively.

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Scrum Practice I

Scrum master in our team took annual leaves these days. As her backup, I hosted the sprint retrospective & planning meeting, which was a rare and exciting experience to manage a scrum team and practice scrum.

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Performance Testing

Performance testing is kind of advanced testing when basic functionalities have already been verified in software. And there are several terms regarding performance testing, such as capacity testing, load testing, etc. Once I heard about them from bunch of guys and was confused by different meanings of them from different people’s perspective.

There is a dedicated page on Wikipedia for performance testing. But here I’d like to share my view about it.

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