Soft and Softer Handover II

Power control during SHO

Misunderstanding #2:

No SHO for HSDPA. There is always only one active RL for HS-PDSCH. Thus there is also only one F-DPCH in downlink during ul SHO.

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Soft and Softer Handover I

A few days ago, I found myself wasn’t so clear about soft and softer handover and misunderstood the whole procedure. So I just read some material and also asked help from some experts who were good at this topic. Here is the summary part I for my learning.

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Some Thoughts on DFMEA

Yesterday I took part in a whole day training by my colleague Zack Taylor on DFMEA, which was really interesting. DFMEA stands for Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. It’s a method (or process) for design product, either hardware or software, to predict and prevent defects before delivering.

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Confluence Learning Notes

Days ago I was asked to help building a knowledge sharing wiki for our team. Yes, I’m interested in different kinds of wiki. And most of my previous wiki experiences were coming from my own wiki which is based on open-sourced DokuWiki. It’s a good chance to learn the best enterprise wiki software – Confluence.

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My Android Home Screen II

Right after posted “My Android Home Screen”, I found another powerful launcher to customize my home screen.

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