My android home screen

To be honest, I am not a WP fan, though I am working in Nokia right now. iPhone is dream phone and perfect from all aspects. But it’s too expensive. That’s why I choose Android.

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Simple math problem

Here is a problem I met during designing test case:

Module A is claimed to be able to process MaxPrcMsg messages per second. The buffer could store each message for at most 2 seconds. Once the message hasn’t been proceeded within 2 seconds, it will be expired. Input messages are rushed into Module A every 100ms. In case the testing duration is (n * 100ms). How to set the maximum number MaxInMsg of input messages to verify the performance of Module A with high load?

The author of this requirement has presented the result and brief calculation. I read about it and found it was interesting. We could solve it by primary school skills.

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I own a localhost wiki based on DokuWiki as my personal knowledge management tool. After more than two years collecting day by day, I am pleased to see more and more tips/experience in different areas appearing on it. I don’t think I will publish the whole wiki on the internet in the near future. But I’d like to orgnize and share some of the topics on this site.

The first post is about HSDPA’s acknowledge.

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New Year New Site

Finally, 2012 is coming. And one more blog site was born for me. I will try to focus on two fields in this weblog: Radio access Productivity But I am not 100% sure whether I will follow this rule in the future. Who knows. After all there are so many topics I am interested in. So let’s just go. And keep going… Oh, almost forgot, happy new year :-) Read more